Diesel Extender

Plus Algae Treatment

Extend-It Lubricant’s Diesel Extender plus Algae Treatment created with its unique blend process is the most technologically advanced fuel treatment developed to address today’s fuel problems, with the Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD), Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and Biofuel.
Extend-It Lubricants addresses all diesel fuel concerns like dry fuel, plus other non-performance diesel fuel issues. Diesel Extender has proven to increase fuel economy, while it eliminates and removes algae problems, along with keeping diesel fuel from gelling down to temperatures of zeroºF. It removes moisture from fuel at the same time it cleans, conditions and reduces upper cylinder friction. In addition it stabilizes fuel from breaking down when stored. This gives customers a perfect multi-purpose diesel fuel treatment, and keeps customers from having to buy multiple fuel treatment products from other competitors in order to achieve the same goal that our product delivers when properly treated.  
Extend-It Lubricants not only keeps engine performance and fuel economy in mind, but also our valued customers, with the extra savings that are achieved by using Diesel Extender with every fill up.

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